Monday, December 11, 2017

Do you know the Skiway code?

The International Ski Federation (FIS) produces a set of guidelines to help keep you and other skiers/snowboarders safe on the slopes.
It’s important to understand that these ‘common sense guidelines’ are regularly used for insurance and legal purposes, where an accident has occurred on the slopes, so we highly recommend reading and adopting them.
Most of the guidelines are common sense and things you probably already adopt in your skiing. There are however a few rules of the slope which we regularly see people ignore, so we’ve highlighted those in RED below.

Rules for the Conduct of Skiers and Snowboarders
1. RESPECT for others  READ ON

Friday, December 8, 2017

The comprehensive guide to your avalanche beacon

The Experts at Ortovox Shed Light on Avalanche Beacon Functionality and Stress the Importance of Three-Antennae

Like most of your avalanche rescue tools, the transceiver, otherwise known as a beacon, is a device that you hope to never use in the field—except in a training scenario. Having a solid understanding of how your avy equipment works is paramount, and there’s hardly a tool more difficult to truly understand than this minuscule device. Read up on the intricacies of the avalanche beacon, below, and above all else, remember that nothing is a legitimate substitute for practice, practice, practice.

What is an Avalanche Beacon?  READ ON..

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Flying with Skis: Cost Guide for the 2017/18 Season

So, you’re no stranger to hitting the slopes come winter. This time, you’ve taken the step to buying your own skis and you can’t wait to get out on the snow. But wait, it’s not that simple. You’ve got to get your equipment to the resort! What’s the cost of flying with skis? This varies from airline to airline – and if you don’t plan ahead, you’ll get stung. Here’s our ski equipment flight carriage cost guide for the 2017/18 season.

Note: Some airlines will accept ski equipment instead of baggage with no extra charge. This sounds like a great deal but let’s face it, we all take baggage with us on a ski holiday. In these instances, we’ve listed the additional charge of travelling with both baggage and ski equipment.

All prices mentioned below are for flights to and from your destination.  READ ON...
Airport Baggage Area - Flying wish Skis Cost Guide

Friday, December 1, 2017

Your First Trip to Morzine – The Mountains

Your First Trip to Morzine – The Mountains

In More Mountain's first blog in this series they gave you a little bit of information about the Village of Morzine. This is to give you a head start for your arrival. In this blog they give you a quick summary of the Mountains. This information should help reduce “first day faff” and get you to the best slopes for your group as easily as possible .

It is really easy to get to the ski lifts from all of their properties in Morzine. They are within easy walking distance to the lifts or bus stops. Our chalet hosts will even drive you to the lifts from your chalet and bring you back at the end of the day.

The five main lifts you need to know about are Nyon, Pleney, Super Morzine, Prodains and Ardent. These lifts are the telecabines and bubbles that get you off the valley floor and in to the various ski areas.  READ ON..

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

New for Winter 2017/2018

Avoriaz Winter 2017/18

Perched above Morzine on the Ardoisiere cliffs sits Avoriaz. For the uninitiated, Avoriaz is a purpose built ski resort built in the 1960s. Its neo-rustic design is an attempt to hide it from those looking up from Morzine, camouflaging it against its surroundings. For those familiar to Avoriaz, aesthetically speaking you either love it or hate it. However you look at Avoriaz, it has something for every skier and snowboarder.
Although our chalets and apartments are based in Morzine, we spend a lot of time in Avoriaz because it has a lot to offer. We like its fantastic snow-sure pistes in addition to its links to Chatel and Switzerland. And with all the different ways you can get to Avoriaz it is very accessible from Morzine.

New for Winter 2017/2018

Morzine and Avoriaz are seeing some great developments for winter 2017/18, as you may have seen from our previous blog. Avoriaz has now released full details of what they have in store for us on and off the pistes this winter.

Electric Snowmobiles

Avoriaz is providing snowmobiles with quiet and efficient electric motors for hire. Unfortunately these are only available for kids from the age of 5 (adults will have to make do with the real thing). Grab yourself a hot chocolate or vin chaud and watch the kids razz around a closed off and supervised course.

Archery Tag.  READ ON>>>

Friday, November 24, 2017

7 Excuses to Visit Les Portes du Soleil

STORY BY Megan Hughes 31st October 2017

A hugely popular ski area, Les Portes du Soleil is one of the top destinations in the Alps. Here at we are giving you a rundown of 7 reasons why you NEED to visit Les Portes due Soleil this year.

1. Size Matters

With over 650km of marked piste and 196 lifts, Les Portes du Soleil is one of the largest ski areas in the world. It boasts over 300 runs, 2/3 of which are either red or blue, meaning that skiers of every level will be able to enjoy themselves with an abundance of runs to ensure good variety throughout your visit. Due to the immense size of the ski area, there are good pre-marked trails and circuits that are often popular with holidaymakers due to the ease that comes with their being well signed. If you prefer to make your own routes however, this is simple too thanks to a free app that creates and plans routes based on your ability level and preferences.

You could spend a whole season there and never get bored, so whether you’re thinking of heading off for a week’s holiday or working a winter season, Les Portes du Soleil will provide you more than enough pistes to play with.

2. Superb Snow Parks....READ ON

Monday, November 20, 2017

How to get the most from your ski lessons this winter

Preparing for your lesson
Before you turn up for the lessons you’ve booked, it’s worth having a think about a few things which can help prepare you and your instructor.
You may even like to drop the ski school a quick email or add some relevant information to the booking details, to save some time at the start of the first lesson:
  • A little about your previous experience and ski schools you’ve used (if any).
  • Where you like to ski and on what type of runs or terrain.
  • What you would like from your lesson/s.
  • Any previous injuries or medical conditions.
This information will help your instructor to start build a picture and work out which are the best slopes for your initial lesson. A good instructor will know their way around the mountain really well and be able to quickly select suitable terrain for you.
Whether you’re a complete beginner or an accomplished skier or snowboarder, it’s useful to know what other sports you like (if any) but we may be able discuss these things on the first chairlift ride.

What you would like from your lesson/s?  READ ON...