Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Ski Carry Techniques. Sort of!

Ski Carry Techniques

Aspen Ski Sherpas - Professional Ski Carry Techniques- we've all done at least one of these techniques!

Be an A.S.S.!!!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Mountain Skills: Set a Plan and Stick to It

You’ve been playing it safe all day. Even though the avalanche bulletin called out “Considerable” hazard for the day (natural avalanches are possible and human-triggered are likely), you haven’t observed any signs of instability while skiing lower angled terrain in the trees. Close to where you’ve been skiing, there’s an untracked slope—and it’s only slightly steeper and just a little more open. It would be so nice to make bigger, faster turns. So, what do you do?  Read on...

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

What to pack for Skiing?

The Tasty Ski Company are a hardened bunch of alpine mongrels. They have lost count of how many ski seasons they have done out here in the French Alps. They have also lost count of the number of times some of their guests have forgotten to pack an essential item for their ski holiday. Here is their quick guide to packing everything you need for your week in the french Alps.  Read on...what to pack for skiing

Saturday, August 13, 2016

How to look like a Pro skier!

How to Look Like a Pro Skier Even When You’re a Complete Beginner

Cool Skier | Welove2ski

Here are some of the most common dos and don’ts of the slopes:

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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Why do you get cramping and burning under my arches?

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Janine Winter from Profeet answers your ski boot questions. by  

Question: Often when skiing I get a cramping and burning under the arches of my foot. Is it the boots?

Answer: Multiple factors could contribute to a cramping and burning sensation under the arch and yes, one of those could be that you are in the wrong boot. Initially it is important to check the size to ensure the boot is not too big or too small.
Typically, when the boot is too big you end up clawing your feet to try and secure yourself in the boot and gain control of the ski, which will often cause cramping. Likewise, if the boot is too small, it will cause crushing and a lack of circulation to the foot.
Once size and shape of the boot have been eliminated, we would need to check the foot is stabilised in the boot. All ski boots come with a flat piece of foam in the bottom, which doesn’t offer support in the arch.
It is possible to replace that insole with either an off-the-shelf trim-to-fit insole or, even better, a custom insole. This is built by taking a mould of the bottom of your foot in a neutral position. The insole supports the arch and distributes pressure evenly across the whole foot. A footbed alone will solve the majority of pressure points under the foot.
Quite often we find people suffer from tightness of the plantar fascia (which is the connective tissue under the foot) and flexor hallucis longus tendon (which runs through the arch). If these soft tissues are too tight, they will almost certainly cramp in a ski boot. You can help relieve some of that tension using a pediroller or spiky ball to massage out the arch.
There are also some good stretches you can do to lengthen those muscles which will certainly make skiing a more enjoyable experience for you. We may also need to raise the heel in the boot and adapt the footbed further for more severe cases.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Volkl 2016/2017

Volkl Skis are always some of the hottest skis on the mountain.

And we'll be stocking them from next season!!:-)

Whether you’re looking for a ski great at carving, all-mountain, park, or powder, Volkl has you covered. Next year’s lineup for the 2016-17 season looks terrific. Take a look at the pictures Powder7 put up and then get onto our booking system and reserve your pair for the coming winter season!

Thursday, August 4, 2016

The 20 Most Notorious Snowboarding Criminals

What kind of legal trouble have snowboarders got themselves into over the years? Illicit Snowboarding lined-up a veritable rogue’s gallery of snowboarding miscreants who have run afoul of the law for a range of criminal misdeeds…

First up its snowboarding’s version of Point Break...

The Snowboard Bandits.......Read On