Helmets Get Smarter

Helmets Get Smarter (3)By e@ InTHe Snow

A clever idea from Shred helmets incorporates  ICEdot technology.  When you buy the helmet you register the owners details (emergency contacts, allergies, medical conditions) at a central point and are given a unique PIN stored on the helmet.  If you, or a child or loved one wearing the helmet is ever injured, a first responder can text a central number and instantly access your personal data

Shred’s Mega Brain Bucket helmet also features Slytech 2nd Skin foam technology which is a protective layer that hardens on impact, adapting to the different forces and speeds of a crash.  The EVA based foam features the only advanced and intelligent shock absorber on the market, which adapts to the strength of impact and increases protection proportionally.

“I can’t speak highly enough about the upgrades to the Half Brain” stays ski racer Ted “Shred” Ligety. “Engineers consulted us riders through every step in the production and the end result is the best helmet on the market for skiers and snowboarders.”

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