7 Excuses to Visit Les Portes du Soleil

    STORY BY  Megan Hughes   A hugely popular ski area, Les Portes du Soleil is one of the top destinations in the Alps. Here at we are giving you a rundown of 7 reasons why you NEED to visit Les Portes due Soleil this year. 1. Size Matters With over 650km of marked piste and 196 lifts, Les Portes du Soleil is one of the largest ski areas in the world. It boasts over 300 runs, 2/3 of which are either red or blue, meaning that skiers of every level will be able to enjoy themselves with an abundance of runs to ensure good variety throughout your visit. Due to the immense size of the ski area, there are good pre-marked trails and circuits that are often popular with holidaymakers due to the ease that comes with their being well signed. If you prefer to make your own routes however, this is simple too thanks to a  free app  that creates and plans routes based on your ability level and preferences. You could spend a whole season there and never get bored, so whether you’re thi

Why the Portes Du Soleil keeps solo skiers coming back!

   Why the Portes Du Soleil keeps solo skiers coming back! The solo ski experts at The Ski Gathering tell us what is attracting first-timers and veteran solos to Morzine, Avoriaz and Les Gets. Across the board, solo travel has grown enormously in recent years, mirroring a general trend in ‘independent’ and socialising hobbies. Today, people use apps and websites to find flatmates, meet gym buddies, arrange car shares… and plan their solo-travel adventures. This is particularly noticeable with ski holidays, where solo travellers are increasingly making their mark. Some solos prefer to ski alone, enjoying the total freedom of the mountain. But most see it as a social opportunity to meet other skiers or boarders and avoid paying the empty-bed supplement. For the latter group in particular, the Portes du Soleil has become a focal point in the solo travel revolution. Why is that? It’s Perfect for Mixed-Ability Groups It’s Day One of your solo ski holiday and you’re heading out with a group

What’s New this Winter – 2022

  What’s New this Winter – 2022 Courtesy  of More Mountain 2021/2022 After confirmation that lifts will open this winter, we can now get excited about welcoming you all to the resort! We can’t wait to have you back in the mountains to discover or rediscover all it has to offer this winter season. The Morzine and Avoriaz ski domains are in the heart of Europe’s largest cross-border ski area, with 650km of slopes, there are constant developments both on and off the slopes. So here is a look at what is new this year. Firstly, incase you missed them during the 19/20 season that was cut short, there are 2 new lifts from the Lindarets bowl to the Swiss border. Léchére and Cases lifts replaced the old 3 man lift and are far more efficient way of getting you to Switzerland for a day of exploring across the border! There is a new Belvedere chairlift at the top of Pleney, which will speed up your commute to the Morzine/Les Gets ski area. A speedy, 6 man chair lift will now whisk you from the top

Driving To Morzine For a Winter Holiday

   Morzine is just over an hour from Geneva airport, but with the uncertainty of air travel, many people will be driving to Morzine. Located in the Northern French Alps, Morzine is one of the closest ski resorts to drive to from the UK. Driving to Morzine gives you lots of flexibility, but more importantly, it will keep you and your family safer and more isolated than taking the plane. With this in mind, in this post, we are going to go through some practical information about driving to and through France. We will also go into what we and the ferry companies are doing to keep your mind at rest. Getting To France From The UK The great news about driving to France is that there is a multitude of options to suit you. Which option you choose will depend on where you are located in the UK, your budget, the ferry or train times, and your personal preference. Crossing The Channel By Ferry Hopping on a ferry at Dover and arriving in Calais just 90 minutes later is one of the most popular ways

16 Reasons Why Morzine Is the Perfect Winter Holiday Destination for Families

    It’s always tricky to find the ideal destination for a  family ski or snowboard trip . There’s so much information out there and it’s a big responsibility to ensure that the whole family really enjoy their holiday. This trip needs to be absolutely brilliant… so no pressure! More Mountain's  advice would be to make your search as simple as possible. Compile a wishlist of what you need from your perfect family ski holiday destination. Now look for somewhere that ticks as many of those wishes as possible. Morzine ticked quite a few wishes for the Telegraph Newspaper. It was given 5 out of 5 for families in their  ski resort review of 2016 . What Are the Challenges of Finding a Family Friendly Resort?  READ ON... ...

Plan a Multi-Generational Winter Holiday in 2022

   Make Up For Lost Family Time: Plan a Multi-Generational Winter Holiday in 2022 It’s been quite a year, and if you feel like you’re an extra in a Spielberg film, then you’re not alone! For many of us, we have spent too much time indoors and away from family, as the drama has unfolded. Despite the uncertainty of Covid-19 restrictions, Tour Operator Intrepid has seen unprecedented demand for its multi-generational family trips in recent months, with safety and quality being the top priorities for holidays next year and more importantly so have we… there are lots of people booking multi-generational family trips for 2022. So as we look to winter 2022 and welcome advancements in testing, along with new vaccines, which will speed up the lifting of travel restrictions, let’s try and make up for that lost time together by planning the most amazing multi-generational holiday.   Read On...

The Joys Of Off-Piste Skiing In Morzine

    Words and photos  from  Avoriaz Alpine Ski School . Les Portes du Soleil  ski area is one of the biggest linked networks in the world.  With more than 650 km of marked pistes and about 200 lifts in total, spread over 14 valleys and about 1,036 square kilometres (400 sq mi), this Alpine wonderland is an absolute paradise for skiers and snowboarders. But There Is So Much More What I described above is just the groomed pistes and lifts. These cover only a small percentage of the terrain you can ride. Once you start exploring the off-piste, you encounter a lifetimes’ worth of adventure and good skiing and snowboarding. Why is the Portes Du Soleil so good for off piste? Les Portes du Soleil sits at the northwest corner of the Alps. The prevailing direction of incoming storms is from the northwest, so our local ski area is the first major set of mountains the storms will hit. This creates a microclimate offering more snowfall than other regions of the Alps. One of the best ways to make u