The Future of Skiing

As ski season wraps up, Outside mag asked 10 big guns to predict the future of the sport

Photo: Daniel D. Snyder/Volodymyr Krasyuk/MaxFX/

Twenty-five years ago, skiing was a different beast. Skis were straight and narrow and long … really long. Helmets, Gore-Tex jackets, Alpine Touring gear and thermomoldable liners weren’t even a glimmer in the skier’s eye. Ski movies involved a lot of hang gliding, train-jumping, and moguls. Resorts didn’t have gladed runs, side country wasn’t a concept, and the only helmet cam was a full sized VHS video recorder duct taped to a hockey helmet. Global warming didn’t exist as far as any of us knew. The Internet didn't exist. And freestyle skiing meant you did snow ballet.

In 25 years, the world has changed enormously, and with it skiing. What will the sport look like 25 years from now?

As ski season 2013 wraps up, we turn to 10 of the ski industry’s visionaries, luminaries, and legends, from athletes to gear designers to filmmakers to snow activists. We asked them to gaze into their crystal balls and tell us what they see for skiing a quarter century from now. Here are their bold—and ooccasionally wacky—predictions for 2038.  Read on...


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