Put it Away!

Put it Away!With the season end looming, it’s worth planning how you’re going to store your precious kit until next year. The guys and gals at Yodel mag in Morzine take us through some simple steps to make sure your boards are ready to roll next season;

1. Have your skis or snowboard tuned – or tune them yourself.

2. Leave a thick coat of soft (warm weather) wax on the base and edges – this will protect the edges from oxidizing (rusting) over the summer and will keep the base hydrated.

3. On your ski bindings, turn the toe and heel springs down to the lowest setting so that they aren’t under tension all summer – this will lengthen the life of your bindings.

4. Make sure your boots and liners are dry before you put them away. Try removing the liners to let them air dry and wash off any of that spring grime from your boot shells. Wrap your boots in a plastic bag with some small air holes before storing them away.

5. Store your skis and snowboards in a cool dry place, standing them up against a wall or similar rather than lying them down.


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