Mutzig - The Seaonaire's Favourite!

Aaaah, Mutzig. The beloved beer is such an institution in this area - though not everyone would agree the morning after!

There are so many myths attached to the Mutzig name; some say it can vary between 4% and 12%, some say it is stronger in Morzine’s Bar Robinson than anywhere else. But what is the history behind this amber nectar?

Mutzig was initially brewed in its namesake town in the Alsace Province in France on the border with Germany. The brewery in Mutzig was founded in 1810 by Antoine Wagner and continued to produce the beer even when it merged with the three other breweries in the Alsace province. This formed a company called ALBRA (Alsacienne de brasserie), which was bought out by Heineken in 1972 who continued the production of Mutzig. The original group also continues to produce a beer under the Mutzig name but it is now made in the Fischer brewery in Schiltigheim, in north eastern France.

Did you know that apart from in Europe, Mutzig is also extremely popular in Africa? It is brewed in at least three countries across the continent; Rwanda, Cameroon and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

There are two different types of Mutzig; the regular one and Mutzig Old Lager, which is the really potent one! Mutzig may vary in strength but all we know is that it will most likely affect you in a way you are not used to so be careful when you drink it. There’s a very clear reason why most people choose to drink this fantastic beer in demis not pints! For the latest info on beer and food in Morzine havee a look at local magazine Yodel's site here...


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