The magic on the bottom of your skis!

Its a fascinating subject- well, it is to us ski wax geeks!, but here's a little insight into the eco friendly waxes we use in the workshop at Doorstep Skis-

MAGIC POTION designs and distributes the eco friendly “wax” for alpine, snowboard and Nordic skiing. MAGIC POTION is an innovative & ecological formula designed as a substitute for traditional waxes. Its originality lies in its high gliding performance combined with it’s long term efficiency.


• MAGIC POTION is an ecological “wax”. It contains no paraffin or fluorine additives.
• Its formula is composed only with non-toxic, environmentally-friendly ingredients.
• In contrast to traditional waxes, MAGIC POTION does not gradually disintegrate in contact with abrasive snow and does not leave any harmful residue on the mountain.
• Our products are 100% biodegradable

You‘ll be doing nature a favour by choosing it!

MAGIC POTION is the 9th french company donating 1% of their sales to support environmental associations, and make things change.

Made in the French ALPS

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