Economy drive: To The Alps by car

A few weeks back we had a quick look at the cost of taking trains to the Alps so how does it comparewith packing up the car and heading over...

Well, driving to The Alps can often work out cheaper and more ecological, especially with four or more people in the car. It also allows you to pack as much luggage as you want and there's no waiting around for trains, taxies or coaches to and from the airport.

Access to a car in The Alps also enables you to take daytrips to surrounding resorts, towns, and cities. Self-catering guests can also save money by accessing out-of-town supermarkets which are considerably less expensive than resort shops.

The cost

Eurotunnel is offering journeys to Calais from £58 each way, per car this winter and ferry company SeaFrance is offering crossings from £23 each way.

SeaFrance recently researched the total costs for a family of four travelling to Chamonix in France on a week-long holiday, comparing driving with flying. SeaFrance concluded that it costs from £263.32 on SeaFrance/self-drive; £625.41 with easyJet; and £662.59 with British Airways.

Prices were based on a week-long break in January. The ferry/drive cost included ferry fare, fuel, and motorway toll costs from Calais with SeaFrance, while for the flying costs included airfare, ski carriage, parking at the airport, rental car from airport and fuel costs. Read on...


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