French mountain weather expert predicts ‘good winter snow’

 A highly-respected French meteorologist and mountaineering weather expert has said that autumn in France will be mild but rainy, followed by good snow in ski stations from mid-November onwards.

Respected mountain weather expert Yan Giezendanner makes all of his predictions from his home in Chamonix, near Mont Blanc.

Yan Giezendanner is a former Météo France forecaster and advance forecaster who specialises in mountain expeditions. He is based in the Alpine town of Chamonix, and is much-respected among skiers, mountain adventurers and expeditionists.

He created a long-term mountain weather prediction system years ago after realising that many people were leaving to go on mountain trips but having to abandon their expeditions “because the weather was bad”, and they could not predict far enough in advance for longer or more arduous trips, such as mountain climbs and summits. READ ON...


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