Monday, October 14, 2013

K2’s leader talks ski prices + buying mistakes

K2’s leader talks ski prices, buying mistakes, and the future of skiing. And here at Doorstep Skis, Morzine we can concur that we hear these very opinions everyday of the season!

What’s the most common mistake consumers make when buying skis?
I don’t know if it’s is the most common mistake, but concerning skis, I think too many people buy their gear from the standpoint of the snow conditions they would like to imagine they will be skiing rather than the reality of where they go up and down the hill on a regular basis. From my standpoint, the most common mistake is buying a waist width that is more aspirational than realistic given the conditions you normally ski. I rediscovered narrower waist widths this past season on a trip to Sun Valley. The place was groomed to perfection but the snow was hard after 6+ weeks without new snow. Knowing the conditions, I brought a pair of K2 Amp Bolts, which have a 72mm waist, and I had three amazing days on the groomers. I told my friends that I had rediscovered my “inner carver.”
My point is that although I normally ski 105mm or wider waist skis at Crystal Mountain, WA, my home hill, I would definitely be in the mid 80mm or less if I was still living in Stowe, VT, skiing the Front Four every day. I really believe that we are doing a disservice in the U.S. market saying that everyone needs to be on a ski wider than 100mm in waist width. The wider skis are perfect if you live somewhere the added width is actually a benefit, but if you live in most of the country you will have a lot more fun with skis narrower than 90mm waist widths. Narrower skis are less work on hard snow and more fun.

At its heart, what makes for a good pair of skis?
For me the best skis are the ones that are playful and forgiving, while still having power and security when you are carrying speed. I think ....READ ON

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