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Winter shows no sign of letting up!

Cold temperatures continue in Morzine as spring approaches Winter shows no sign of letting up! Featured in: NEWS Rob Wood | Morzine Reporter | Published: 19th March 2018 Cold temperatures continue in Morzine as spring approaches    Verbier PHOTOS

PyeongChang 2018: Fitzpatrick ends Farkasova’s golden run

PyeongChang 2018: Fitzpatrick ends Farkasova’s golden run18.03.2018 British teenage snatches slalom title to spoil Slovakian’s perfect record Menna Fitzpatrick (R) and guide Jennifer Kehoe celebrate their debut Paralympic gold© • Getty Images By IPC The women’s slalom brought alpine skiing to a close at PyeongChang 2018, with one of the biggest surprises of the alpine competition saved until last. The script was written for Henrieta Farkasova to make it five golds from five events, but Menna Fitzpatrick stunned the Slovakian to win her first Paralympic title. The British alpine skier, guided by Jennifer Kehoe, won the women’s slalom vision impaired on Sunday (18 March), the final day of competition at the Jeongseon Alpine Centre. The 19-year-old completed a notable debut, not only securing her country’s lone gold at the PyeongChang 2018 Paralympics, but also becoming Great Britain’s most decorated Winter Paralympian. She joins Kelly Gallagher as the only British alpine skier to with a P…

Paralympics PyeongChang 2018: Top five medal winners

PyeongChang 2018: Top five medal winners19.03.2018 Performances that lit up these Paralympic Winter Games Eui Hyun Sin is South Korea's first Winter Paralympic champion© • Getty Images By IPC Among the 241 medals awarded at the PyeongChang 2018 Paralympic Winter Games, these medallists stood out. USA tops the table A dramatic come-from-behind overtime win only added to the glory of the USA’s dominant in PyeongChang. The US ice hockey team upset reigning world champions and favourite Canada for the gold medal on the very last day of competition. That brought the USA’s count to 36 total medals, with 13 golds. Five of those came from snowboard, with two-time champion Brenna Huckabyliving up to her debut hype. Oksana Masters and Kendall Gretsch also combined for four titles in Nordic skiing. Silver does not spoil Slovakian success Henrieta Farkasova, with guide Natalia Subrtova, leave PyeongChang as the most decorated Paralympian with four gold medals and a silver in alpine skiing. A silver…

What’s In a Boot Liner?

What’s In a Boot Liner? When it comes to fit and performance in a ski boot, liners are everything!

A good pair of liners makes every turn that much sweeter. They are much more than a comfy piece of foam dividing skin from plastic. Here’s a brief rundown of the types of liners that are available, and what they’re good for.

Stock Liners--The liner in the boot you just bought
Stock liners' performance and fit vary between manufacturers, and they typically pack out fast because, at least to some extent, they are built to feel good in the store. Their customization options are also limited unless they're a Vacuum or Memory Fit product. But hey, they come with the boot at no extra charge.

Intuition/Thermo Moldable Liners--Customization, insulation and durability
These liners add stiffness and alleviate hot spots, but they shouldn't be used to take up space. Intuition liners are stock with most backcountry boots, and if not, it's worth swapping du…

How to prevent falls and injuries on the slopes

by Lucy Macdonald, snow-sports physiotherapist There is always an element of risk to skiing and snowboarding, but there are a number of precautions you can take to reduce your chances of injuries that, at the very least, will ruin your holiday.

The best thing to do is to train your body well in advance. Basic exercises like wall squats and sit ups do not cut it, it’s about training your alignment and strength specific to skiing or boarding. This way you use your body efficiently, tire slower and are able to react to unexpected obstacles quicker.

If you do not have time to train yourself before a holiday, there are still measures to take on the slopes. Many of them may seem like common sense, but common sense can go out the window all too easily with that first breath of mountain air. I have noticed a definite pattern to the descriptions patients give of the run up to their injury, if you avoid these common themes hopefully you will enjoy an injury free holiday.
1. Tired, ill o…

Winter Paralympics: Great Britain's team for Pyeongchang

Winter Paralympics: Great Britain's team for Pyeongchang From the sectionDisability Sport