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How the Internet Changed Skiing

From simple 15-second Instagram vids to high-stakes virtual contests, videos and social media have changed our world. The first video I ever saw on the Internet was the trailer for Level 1 Production’s 2005 film, “Shanghai Six.” I couldn’t stop watching it on my clunky Apple iBook in sixth grade science class. Just a few months later, a website called YouTube was introduced to the World Wide Web. And although I was young and foolish at that time, I knew the coolest sport in the world was about to get a whole lot cooler.   Read on

OPENING THIS WINTER: Le Colibri Cafe Bistro

Report courtesy of Source Magazine Morzine,  It’s always very exciting when something new opens in Morzine, especially when they serve food and drink! Le Colibri Cafe Bistro is a huge 100-seater venue on the site of the old Le Colibri theatre in the very centre of town and opens in December. Locals Manon and Pauline Baud have planned fresh, modern interiors and intend to offer a truly family-friendly vibe. Le Colibri will open between 8am and 10pm each day. Food will be served non-stop with a strong focus on local, homemade products. There’ll be five different brunch dishes for example, with homemade bagels. A French brunch will include a hot drink, fruit juice, cheese and ham, eggs, bread, pastries, toast, homemade preserves honey, yoghurt, fruit salad and granola, while an American brunch features pancakes with maple syrup.   Read on..

The Portes du Soleil Winter Lift Pass just got EVEN BETTER!

Each year the guys at  at Source Magazine we take the price of the Portes du Soleil winter lift pass and compare it against the price per skiable kilometre of other big ski domains. The PDS pass always comes out on top, consistently providing the best value for money in the Alps. And if you live here for the full season, or ski several times in the Portes du Soleil, your winter just got a whole heap cheaper. In a move which it hopes will inspire more young people to take up skiing (or indeed ski more often), The Portes du Soleil have introduced two new season lift passes for this coming winter season. PDS Young Person’s Pass For those of you aged 26 and under on 30th November 2017, your season pass will cost just €370 (or 400CHF) this winter. You must buy your pass online before 30th November, they’ll be available from the beginning of August on the PDS website . This ridiculously cheap season pass is likely to be a huge win with seasonaires heading to Morzine, Les

Why the Portes Du Soleil keeps solo skiers coming back!

Why the Portes Du Soleil keeps solo skiers coming back The solo ski experts at The Ski Gathering tell us what is attracting first-timers and veteran solos to Morzine, Avoriaz and Les Gets. The Ski Gathering offer  singles ski holidays  for individuals and sociable pairs. They have chalets in Morzine, Les Gets and Meribel. To find out more, visit . Across the board, solo travel has grown enormously in recent years, mirroring a general trend in ‘independent’ and socialising hobbies. Today, people use apps and websites to find flatmates, meet gym buddies, arrange car shares… and plan their solo-travel adventures. This is particularly noticeable with ski holidays, where solo travellers are increasingly making their mark. Some solos prefer to ski alone, enjoying the total freedom of the mountain. But most see it as a social opportunity to meet other skiers or boarders and avoid paying the empty-bed supplement. For the latter group in particular, the

What to pack for Skiing?

The Tasty Ski Company  are a hardened bunch of alpine mongrels. They have lost count of how many ski seasons they have done out here in the French Alps. They have also lost count of the number of times some of their guests have forgotten to pack an essential item for their ski holiday. Here is their quick guide to packing everything you need for your week in the french Alps.   Read on...

Ski hire is all the same, right?

The Good Ski and Boot Guide: Rental Step-By-Step By  Jock Dun Ski hire is all the same, it’s just a question of getting the  cheapest price – right? Well you couldn’t be further from the truth. If you’re planning a ski trip, then sorting out your equipment hire will be high on your list of things to do. The age, the fit, the suitability and the condition of your equipment all make a massive difference to your ability to ski well and progress, not to mention to your comfort, safety and enjoyment. The internet is awash with sites offering too-good-to-be-true deals on ski hire, and many of the big tour operators will try to sell you ski hire as well. Unfortunately, though, far too often they focus only on the price – as if ski hire was just a commodity – and not on the much more important issues of quality, service and suitability. Yes, of course the price is an issue, but it’s really about the best  value  for money rather than just the cheapest price or the biggest discount.

Morzine vs. Meribel: Which is the Better Ski Resort?

When it comes to ski resorts, and French ones at that, you’ll be hard pushed to find two more popular destinations with British skiers than  Meribel  and  Morzine . And, if you’ve found your way here, you’re probably finding it hard to choose between the two… Sound familiar? Don’t worry, it happens. Plus, if this is the biggest dilemma you’re currently facing, I’d like to think you’re in a pretty enviable position! Both are gorgeous French resorts with plenty of brilliant après-ski, and respectively large ski areas to explore – Trois Vallées for Meribel, and  Portes du Soleil  for Morzine. So, which one’s right for you?  Sam at More Mountain breaks down the pros and cons of both resorts for you...

Which Ski Run Is Better for the Planet?

The method of clearing a ski run can be the difference between a permanent scar on the mountain and a healthy landscape February 20, 2017  By  Zach St. George PHOTO: Hank de Vre We’re on a mountain, but at the moment skiing is a distant abstraction. I’m sweating through my shirt and pining for sunscreen, following Jennifer Burt as she leads the way through shoulder-high brush. “In retrospect, maybe I should’ve brought you up the trail,” she says. We’re at Powder Bowl ski area, north of Lake Tahoe, hiking up the middle of a run—if you could even still call it that. One of dozens of abandoned ski areas scattered around the Tahoe Basin, Powder  Bowl closed in 1984. If Burt wasn’t here to tell me, I’d have been hard-pressed to pick out the run from the surrounding forest. But that’s kind of the point. Burt, 40, a restoration ecologist, has been studying how ski slopes regenerate—that is, how they return to their pre-ski-run condition—since 2005, when she was studying f