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You might be new to skiing but there is no way we’re going to let you out on the slops without knowing the skiing lingo. Afterall, as every newcomer to a sport knows, you can get away with looking less than skilful if you’re using the right kit, wearing the right clothing and understand the language. Slush:  Looks like a Slush puppy but rarely comes in the same luridly bright blues or greens. Slush in skiing parlance is when the snow is just starting to melt and has a slushy consistency. It also looks a little like wet granulated sugar. This kind of snow is wet and sticky and will slow you down. Read on....

16 Embarrassing Skiing Faux Pas

Linda Marsh is involved in the day-to-day running of  Cophall Parking , one of Gatwick’s oldest off-airport parking and valet services. The 24-hour business that started with just a couple of family members and a single minibus now has 50 staff and a fleet of vehicles. “In the winter, many of our customers are skiers and boarders, and we love hearing stories from the slopes on their return,” she says. “Although quite a few of them involve the embarrassing behavior of their fellow skiers.”  READ ON

What Type of Rider Are You?

People say you are what you eat, but what do they know? As any self-respecting snowboarder will tell you, it’s all about what you ride, duuuude. Style is everything. But which style? What board should you buy? What brands should you wear to be cool? These are the really important questions you’ll need to answer. To help you,  Whitelines  has compiled this handy quiz that’ll tell you what kind of rider – nay, what kind of person – you are.  Read on  and all will be revealed...

How to look like a Pro skier!

How to Look Like a Pro Skier Even When You’re a Complete Beginner By  Christine van Zadelhoff   | Here are some of the most common dos and don’ts of the slopes: Read on..

A few words on the plastics found in ski boots

A Plastic World Like avalanches and whiskey distilling, ski boot construction boils down to a science. In this case, designers tinker with a plastic’s chemical properties to balance durability, density, temperature stability, and cost. About 70 to 80 percent of alpine boots on the market are made of polyurethane (PU), a hardwearing and beefy plastic that dampens vibration, absorbs shock, and is easily stretched or ground. This makes for an aggressive, smooth ride. But PU is also heavy. Enter polyamides (PA). Good for cruising uphill, they’re around 20 percent lighter than PU and chiefly used in touring boots. For reliable flex, they behave uniformly across a range of temperatures. Downside: PAs aren’t as stiff or damp on the descent. Pebax is a popular, rock solid choice, while Grilamid is the boot-makers’ new secret sauce. Stiffer than Pebax, this nylon plastic is robust but pricey. Browse the best ski boots of the year in Gear Locker. Read more at

€147.9 million on lift and piste development over the next 20 years

The big news at the  town council public meeting this month was the formal presentation of a new lift development connecting Morzine and Avoriaz. The current Mayor has expressed his desire to better connect the two resorts for a number of years, and as far back as 2009 we heard rumours of a new telepherique to link the two together. However, although those responsible for the resort’s development have approved the final plan for the new lift, there are likely to be a number of legal objections which could delay construction for a long time. More on this to follow… Read on...

The 20 Most Notorious Snowboarding Criminals

What kind of legal trouble have snowboarders got themselves into over the years?   Illicit Snowboarding   lined-up a veritable rogue’s gallery of snowboarding miscreants who have run afoul of the law for a range of criminal misdeeds… First up its snowboarding’s version of Point Break... The Snowboard Bandits .......Read On

Peep next year’s ski gear!

Freeskier kindly presents to you a wide selection of next year’s ski gear from the SIA Snow Show in Denver, Colorado—the biggest snowsports tradeshow on Earth. After walking in circles all day long around the massive trade show floor, they came up with another extremely impressive roundup of products. Enjoy, and click  here  to see more.