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Staying fit for the slopes the Olympian way

Olympic snowboarders, Aimee Fuller and Jamie Nicholls share their tips for staying fit for the slopes after a day on the hill snowboarding. So whether you're a skier or snowboarder find out how to last the week by clicking here.

A Beginners guide to a Morzine ski holiday

A Beginners guide to a  Morzine ski holiday Edward 18th February 2017 0 Adventures , Skiing France If you’ve ever skied before I challenge you to take a long hard look at the picture above, and tell me all that fresh powdery snow doesn’t make your heart beat faster with excitement. Skiing is just too addictive; this was only my first trip and I’m already trying to work out how soon I can get back there. Read on...

23 Ways To Make A Chairlift Ride Incredibly Awkward

 Lift rides can be pretty uncomfortable. Here's some hints on how to make them even more so! Ski resort chairlift queues are usually buzzing with joy, laughter and unadulterated hatred. It’s one the strangest vibes on the mountain. The fact that everyone is slowly trying to edge in front of one another means that all civility is either false or non-existent. And the communal rage directed at anyone who does manage to skip the queue is only matched by the awkwardness felt when you end up on a lift with a silent stranger. Of course, more often than not the rider you’re seated with is nice enough, easy to chat to and turns out to be pretty cool. Other times, though, they just stay silent and refuse to talk. If you’re feeling like a bit of dick when that next happens, here are 23 things you can do or say to make that ride incredibly awkward… Read more ...


A BEGINNERS’ GUIDE TO SKIING LINGO You might be new to skiing but there is no way we’re going to let you out on the slops without knowing the skiing lingo. Afterall, as every newcomer to a sport knows, you can get away with looking less than skilful if you’re using the right kit, wearing the right clothing and understand the language. Slush:  Looks like a Slush puppy but rarely comes in the same luridly bright blues or greens. Slush in skiing parlance is when the snow is just starting to melt and has a slushy consistency. It also looks a little like wet granulated sugar. This kind of snow is wet and sticky and will slow you down. Read on....

16 Embarrassing Skiing Faux Pas

Linda Marsh is involved in the day-to-day running of  Cophall Parking , one of Gatwick’s oldest off-airport parking and valet services. The 24-hour business that started with just a couple of family members and a single minibus now has 50 staff and a fleet of vehicles. “In the winter, many of our customers are skiers and boarders, and we love hearing stories from the slopes on their return,” she says. “Although quite a few of them involve the embarrassing behavior of their fellow skiers.”  READ ON

The evolution of carving (and how to do it right)

The evolution of carving (and how to do it right) Courtesy of   The Fall-Line Blog   The first carver, built 68 years ago with a 52mm waist, didn’t catch on. But the radical race models of the 1990s paved the way for today’s skis, as  Ross Green  relates E very now and then the ski industry creates some new technology which leaves everyone wondering why it hadn’t been thought of before. Carving skis have a bit of a surprising history, sitting on designers’ shelves for many years before finally getting the green light for production. In 1994, I was sponsored by Kneissl and they gave me a pair of Ergo skis. At the time they looked ridiculous, with a tail so fat that they looked like a set of flippers. I felt quite unsure about using them and remember standing in the lift queues in  Val d’Isère being mocked by racers on a daily basis. They weren’t laughing once they saw how fast I was going! The history of carving skis dates back to 1948 when a couple of guys in Winte

Ski hire is all the same, right?

The Good Ski and Boot Guide: Rental Step-By-Step By  Jock Dun Ski hire is all the same, it’s just a question of getting the  cheapest price – right? Well you couldn’t be further from the truth. If you’re planning a ski trip, then sorting out your equipment hire will be high on your list of things to do. The age, the fit, the suitability and the condition of your equipment all make a massive difference to your ability to ski well and progress, not to mention to your comfort, safety and enjoyment. The internet is awash with sites offering too-good-to-be-true deals on ski hire, and many of the big tour operators will try to sell you ski hire as well. Unfortunately, though, far too often they focus only on the price – as if ski hire was just a commodity – and not on the much more important issues of quality, service and suitability. Yes, of course the price is an issue, but it’s really about the best  value  for money rather than just the cheapest price or the biggest discount.

Peep next year’s ski gear!

Freeskier kindly presents to you a wide selection of next year’s ski gear from the SIA Snow Show in Denver, Colorado—the biggest snowsports tradeshow on Earth. After walking in circles all day long around the massive trade show floor, they came up with another extremely impressive roundup of products. Enjoy, and click here  to see more.