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Ceri Tinley is the Managing Director and co-founder of Consensio – a luxury ski chalet operator renowned for its attention to detail, fabulous service and gorgeous properties in the French resorts of Val d’Isere, Courchevel, Meribel and Les Gets. She knows a great deal about the top end of the ski market, and here reviews the very best luggage for a ski trip. Carting your kit from home, to airport, to ski resort is most the tedious part of a skiing holiday, so it’s no wonder lots of us don’t give our ski luggage much thought. Nor do we replace it often enough. READ ON..

3 reasons why Brexit won't affect your ski holiday in France this winter

Thanks to Alikats Mountain holidays ; Regardless of which way you voted, the events of 23rd & 24th June are huge & the resulting uncertainty will be the hardest thing for many people over the coming months. However, the impending political divorce between the UK and Europe won't really affect your ski holiday this winter and here's why: The Euro and the British pound are fairly well correlated in this scenario. By that I mean, that the uncertainty affecting the strength of the pound is also affecting the Euro in almost equal measures and is likely to continue that way & therefore the exchange rate betweeen the 2 currencies is unlikely to be subjected to moves that we have seen between GBP and USD. For example, the GBP-EUR exchange rate has been between 1.25 - 1.28 for most of June (with the exception of the last few days before the referendum when the markets started to bet on a 'Remain' outcome). Following the result, the rate has moved to 1.23 over the

16 Embarrassing Skiing Faux Pas

Linda Marsh is involved in the day-to-day running of Cophall Parking , one of Gatwick’s oldest off-airport parking and valet services. The 24-hour business that started with just a couple of family members and a single minibus now has 50 staff and a fleet of vehicles. “In the winter, many of our customers are skiers and boarders, and we love hearing stories from the slopes on their return,” she says. “Although quite a few of them involve the embarrassing behavior of their fellow skiers.” READ ON

Ten Excellent Winter Driving Tips

Jane Bolton is MD at Erna Low Ski Holidays . She’s been selling holidays in Europe and Canada for the past 18 years and regularly drives her family to the Alps for their ski trips. “Loading the family into the car and driving to the Alps means you can travel at your own pace, stop along the way to break up the journey, and save a heap of money on flights”. Here are a few hints and tricks to make the trip go smoothly: If you want to avoid the winter weekend queues in – and above – Gatwick and Geneva airports, take to the road. Driving to the Alps gives you the flexibility to travel with as many pairs of skis/boards and as much luggage as you want – something you won’t be able to do on the majority of airlines . READ ON

23 Ways To Make A Chairlift Ride Incredibly Awkward

Lift rides can be pretty uncomfortable. Here's some hints on how to make them even more so! Ski resort chairlift queues are usually buzzing with joy, laughter and unadulterated hatred. It’s one the strangest vibes on the mountain. The fact that everyone is slowly trying to edge in front of one another means that all civility is either false or non-existent. And the communal rage directed at anyone who does manage to skip the queue is only matched by the awkwardness felt when you end up on a lift with a silent stranger. Of course, more often than not the rider you’re seated with is nice enough, easy to chat to and turns out to be pretty cool. Other times, though, they just stay silent and refuse to talk. If you’re feeling like a bit of dick when that next happens, here are 23 things you can do or say to make that ride incredibly awkward… Read more ...

Skiing The Portes Du Soleil Circuit

The Portes du Soleil is one of the largest ski areas in the world with over 650km of marked pistes encompassing twelve resorts. It stretches between Mont Blanc and Lake Geneva, which creates a microclimate that is excellent for snowfall. Jean Vuarnet was responsible for developing Avoriaz and then linking it to the surrounding resorts creating the Portes du Soleil ski area. The highest point in the area is 2466m and the lowest is at 1000m and there are more than 200 lifts linking the area, which stretches over 14 valleys. Luckily, for skiers and snowboarders who are keen to explore, most of the Portes du Soleil ski area can be reached in a single circuit. The circuit will take most average skiers and snowboarders a whole day to complete so first lifts are advised! There are two directions the circuit can be skied; clockwise or counterclockwise. Completing the circuit counterclockwise could mean challenging La Chavanette otherwise known as The Swiss Wall or facing the getting the ch

How the Internet Changed Skiing

From simple 15-second Instagram vids to high-stakes virtual contests, videos and social media have changed our world. The first video I ever saw on the Internet was the trailer for Level 1 Production’s 2005 film, “Shanghai Six.” I couldn’t stop watching it on my clunky Apple iBook in sixth grade science class. Just a few months later, a website called YouTube was introduced to the World Wide Web. And although I was young and foolish at that time, I knew the coolest sport in the world was about to get a whole lot cooler.   Read on

Gear Made Clear: Ski Boots

They say that “a bad day on the ski hill is better than a good day at work,” but foot pain can ruin a skier’s experience faster than a Clayton Kershaw fastball comes across home plate. Your ski boots are the control center of your entire setup and a great deal of fine-tuning is required to ensure you’ll perform at your best out there. Each person has a differently shaped foot and perfecting your boots’ fit is absolutely essential. Below, we’ve broken down the vital information you’ll need in order to make your ski boots perform like Tom Brady and boast comfort like a king-size bed at the Ritz. Read On.. CANTING