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3 reasons why Brexit won't affect your ski holiday in France this winter

Thanks to Alikats Mountain holidays ; Regardless of which way you voted, the events of 23rd & 24th June are huge & the resulting uncertainty will be the hardest thing for many people over the coming months. However, the impending political divorce between the UK and Europe won't really affect your ski holiday this winter and here's why: The Euro and the British pound are fairly well correlated in this scenario. By that I mean, that the uncertainty affecting the strength of the pound is also affecting the Euro in almost equal measures and is likely to continue that way & therefore the exchange rate betweeen the 2 currencies is unlikely to be subjected to moves that we have seen between GBP and USD. For example, the GBP-EUR exchange rate has been between 1.25 - 1.28 for most of June (with the exception of the last few days before the referendum when the markets started to bet on a 'Remain' outcome). Following the result, the rate has mo