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A beginner’s guide to backcountry skiing

A beginner’s guide to backcountry skiing Mary Creighton in Backcountry If you haven’t already discovered the pow-haven/adrenalin-pumping/awe-inspiring thrills that ducking under the ropes brings, here’s our concise(ish) guide to all things backcountry. Transitioning from an expert piste or pow skier to backcountry supremo is no easy feat – not only does the technique take some practice, there’s also numerous safety measures to contend with. So before you go planning your trip across the Haute Route, consider spending a day or two in- resort learning the basics.   Read on...

5 of the best Avalanche Packs

5 of the best Avalanche Packs by Fall-Line Skiing   Spend a lot of time skiing off-piste? Then a good avalanche pack is money well spent The best way to survive an avalanche? Don’t get in an avalanche at all: There’s no replacing snow safety skills and good decision making ( check out these courses if you want to build your knowledge ) but even the most knowledgeable, risk-adverse riders in the world have been caught out, and airbags have saved lives.    “For regular off-piste skiers, they are worth it.” says Scott from Edge & Wax.  “Prices are dropping, and they do increase your odds of survival. We had a customer caught with five others when wearing an airbag. He alone didn’t need major medical help, and it was him being a

Salomon 2016/2017

Check out the new QST line up fromSAlomon for next season. Winning awards left right and centres.. Read on

How to Ski Better on Pistes

 Ski Technique: How to Ski Better on Pistes by    Welove2ski There are few better places to boost your ski technique than on the groomed pistes of Morzine, France. Welove2sk.comi give  some tips on how to ski these slopes more smoothly. We whittled the list down to four key points to think about while you’re carving: 1. Stay Centred Over Your Skis Your weight needs to be evenly distributed right along the length of your feet, which means you’ll be able to maintain downward pressure right along the full length of your skis. Don’t lean back. RIGHT WRONG 2. Even Up the Weight Distribution Between Your Feet Read on...

Skiing The Portes Du Soleil Circuit

The Portes du Soleil is one of the largest ski areas in the world with over 650km of marked pistes encompassing twelve resorts. It stretches between Mont Blanc and Lake Geneva, which creates a microclimate that is excellent for snowfall. Jean Vuarnet was responsible for developing Avoriaz and then linking it to the surrounding resorts creating the Portes du Soleil ski area. The highest point in the area is 2466m and the lowest is at 1000m and there are more than 200 lifts linking the area, which stretches over 14 valleys. Luckily, for skiers and snowboarders who are keen to explore, most of the Portes du Soleil ski area can be reached in a single circuit. The circuit will take most average skiers and snowboarders a whole day to complete so first lifts are advised! There are two directions the circuit can be skied; clockwise or counterclockwise. Completing the circuit counterclockwise could mean challenging La Chavanette otherwise known as The Swiss Wall or facing the getting the ch

How to Ski Powder

It’s not easy: the moment you steer off the groomed piste and into the deep stuff beyond. Fitness, technique, equipment, snow quality, mental attitude – they all contribute, and often in different ways on different days. Here's what  WElove2ski  had to say; 1. Go FAT Not sure if your skis are right for the powder?  Then get a fatter pair . Fat, rockered powder skis are where it’s at right now, and they’re a joy to ski in the deep stuff. Having this much ski under your boot may look stupid – but the balance and stability you’ll get from such width will quickly convince you otherwise. You should look for some rocker in your skis as well. A rockered ski is one that bends or rises more dramatically at the tip and tail – making it easier for the skier to float over the snow, and stay centered over the ski. (There’s a common misconception that rockered skis are impossible to turn on groomed snow, but if you get a pair with  side-cut  – a difference of about 20mm

13 Tips for Skiing with Kids

13 Tips for Skiing with Kids Top kids' instructors share wisdom on making skiing fun for everyone in the family. 13) For lessons, arrive early, preferably the day prior to get rentals if needed, ( or get Doorstep Skis to deliver them :-)), to get tickets in hand and hopefully avoid lines during peak season. It is great to let your children—especially if they are very young (3-6 years)—know where they are going and what will take place throughout the day, to reassure them. 12) Read on..