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What to pack for Skiing?

The Tasty Ski Company  are a hardened bunch of alpine mongrels. They have lost count of how many ski seasons they have done out here in the French Alps. They have also lost count of the number of times some of their guests have forgotten to pack an essential item for their ski holiday. Here is their quick guide to packing everything you need for your week in the french Alps.   Read on...

13 Tips for Skiing with Kids

13 Tips for Skiing with Kids Top kids' instructors share wisdom on making skiing fun for everyone in the family. 13)  For lessons, arrive early, preferably the day prior to get rentals if needed, ( or get Doorstep Skis to deliver them :-)), to get tickets in hand and hopefully avoid lines during peak season. It is great to let your children—especially if they are very young (3-6 years)—know where they are going and what will take place throughout the day, to reassure them. 12)  Read on..

Skiing With Dad

How to adjust when your parents slow down by:  Heather Hansman     My father is in town for 48 hours. For his one evening, I convinced him to go night skiing. We drove up Snoqualmie Pass in a downpour and crossed our fingers the temperatures would drop. He changed into his ski gear in the car, and we headed out into the just-below-freezing snain as the lights came on. When my dad first helped me latch my hands around the rope tow, I don’t think he knew how deeply skiing would take root for me. In college, he bought me a telemark setup and, in the dark before my first tour, he helped me cut my skins—wobbly edged and uneven—under the dome light of his car. When I moved to the mountains to submerse myself fulltime in the uphill-downhill world of skiing, my dad would plan work meetings in Denver around storms and drive up I-70 to crash on my couch like one of my low-budget friends. He’d take my roommates out to dinner to alleviate the weirdness of couch dad. There was a point,

23 Ways To Make A Chairlift Ride Incredibly Awkward

 Lift rides can be pretty uncomfortable. Here's some hints on how to make them even more so! Ski resort chairlift queues are usually buzzing with joy, laughter and unadulterated hatred. It’s one the strangest vibes on the mountain. The fact that everyone is slowly trying to edge in front of one another means that all civility is either false or non-existent. And the communal rage directed at anyone who does manage to skip the queue is only matched by the awkwardness felt when you end up on a lift with a silent stranger. Of course, more often than not the rider you’re seated with is nice enough, easy to chat to and turns out to be pretty cool. Other times, though, they just stay silent and refuse to talk. If you’re feeling like a bit of dick when that next happens, here are 23 things you can do or say to make that ride incredibly awkward… Read more ...

What Type of Rider Are You?

People say you are what you eat, but what do they know? As any self-respecting snowboarder will tell you, it’s all about what you ride, duuuude. Style is everything. But which style? What board should you buy? What brands should you wear to be cool? These are the really important questions you’ll need to answer. To help you,  Whitelines  has compiled this handy quiz that’ll tell you what kind of rider – nay, what kind of person – you are.  Read on  and all will be revealed...

Winter 2016 Opening dates and Times

To save you the hassle of visiting three different websites to collect information on when Morzine, Avoriaz, Les Gets and the Portes du Soleil open and close this winter,  Source magazine Morzine  have kindly combined all the details you need. Of course opening and closing dates are subject to change depending on snow conditions and if there’s even the vaguest hint of early opening, we’ll let you know as quickly as possible. See dates and times...