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Skiing The Portes Du Soleil Circuit

The Portes du Soleil is one of the largest ski areas in the world with over 650km of marked pistes encompassing twelve resorts. It stretches between Mont Blanc and Lake Geneva, which creates a microclimate that is excellent for snowfall. Jean Vuarnet was responsible for developing Avoriaz and then linking it to the surrounding resorts creating the Portes du Soleil ski area. The highest point in the area is 2466m and the lowest is at 1000m and there are more than 200 lifts linking the area, which stretches over 14 valleys. Luckily, for skiers and snowboarders who are keen to explore, most of the Portes du Soleil ski area can be reached in a single circuit. The circuit will take most average skiers and snowboarders a whole day to complete so first lifts are advised! There are two directions the circuit can be skied; clockwise or counterclockwise. Completing the circuit counterclockwise could mean challenging La Chavanette otherwise known as The Swiss Wall or facing the getting the ch

Avoriaz Snowcross Slopes- Legal Off Piste!

The Avoriaz snowcross slopes offer skiers and snowboarders the thrill of off-piste powder skiing but without the extra risks involved. These pistes are not groomed but are surveyed and kept safe by setting off avalanches and fencing off areas that are deemed too unsafe for the public. The Combe des Marmottes (2,080m long) is a snow playground that is easily accessible by the Fornet chairlift. There is also the neighbouring slope called The Pschott, which is more technical with its successive natural canyons. Brochaux (1,340m long) is a naturally bumpy wall that is accessible by the Brochaux chairlift. The FrontaliĆ©re (1,150m) can be accessed from the top of the Mossettes chairlift and is a long and wide route down to the bottom. The Crozats (3,122m long) starts from the Hauts Forts and joins up with the world cup downhill run into Prodains and is sometimes referred to as the ‘mythical’ Crozats run due to its wild nature.

Compression Clothes: Hoax or Handy?


The Story behind the Salomon 1080 Ski

A look at how the Salomon 1080 ski started, the people behind it and really, the start of the twin tip revolution.  See..

Who Invented Snowboarding?

ho Invented Snowboarding? Not Jake Burton By Michael Frank, Adventure Journal on June 7th, 2012 On Christmas Day, 1965, Muskegon, Michigan’s Sherman Poppen’s pregnant wife, Nancy, wanted their two daughters, Wendy and Laurie, to play outside so she could get some rest. When the girls were disappointed they couldn’t safely stand up in their sled to go down the snow-covered dunes in their backyard, Poppen fastened together a pair of kid’s skis and after some tweaking invented Muskegon’s most famous toy, the Snurfer. The rest, as they say, is history. By 1968 Muskegon was hosting the World Snurfing Classic, and Poppen licensed the Snurfer name to Brunswick, which sold over a million of the proto-snowboards by the early 1980s. And even though Poppen didn’t actually bother to take up snowboarding until he was in his late 60s, he’s still considered the father of the sport, honored by the Olympic Committee when snowboarding was inducted into the Games. Poppen is being honored by the Muske

Snow-Camp Alpine Challenge is BACK!

Returning to Morzine for it’s 7th year, the  Snow-Camp Alpine Challenge  is one of our favourite events of the winter. Teams of 4 complete a two day ski or snowboard around the Portes du Soleil, covering a distance of over 150km and passing a collection of GPS checkpoints along the way. The team that clocks up the most KM during the event while visiting the most checkpoints will take the winners crown (and bragging rights) home with them.  Morzine Source Magazine reports..
Unless you’ve had your head stuck in the snow for several years, everyone has heard of Snowbombing. The annual musical on snow event held in Mayrhofen each year has welcomed the likes of The Prodigy, Rudimental, Fatboy Slim and Gorgon City, packing out the Austrian resort. Source Magazine report...

Ride Greener

A must read for any environmentally conscious riders-   RIDE GREENER  shows you how to have fun while skiing and snowboarding in an environmentally friendly way!  Here at  Doorstep Skis , we're constantly active in findings ways in which we can provide  ski and snowboard hire in Morzine  in the most environmentally friendly way as possible. All tips welcome!