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Plight of skiing’s homemade lunch

by:  Kade Krichko I find temporary solace in my homemade sandwich—it’s simple, effective, and even tricks me into thinking I’m not spending my life savings on a day pass. So when an attendant at a resort’s mid-mountain lodge told me my lunchtime masterpiece wasn’t welcome on premises, I was a bit—how should I put this—pissed.  The Lunch Enforcer at Crystal Mountain, Washington, continued tickling rage receptors by informing me that not only was my bagged lunch not welcome at the mid-mountain hut, but also not on the top two floors of the base lodge, at least from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., when lunch hours are enforced. Graciously, the mountain would, however, let me eat my meal in a basement locker room. A brown bagger for life, I had become a ski area outcast, my scarlet letter written in gooey raspberry jelly. So, uh, what the eff guys? With more resorts jumping on the bandwagon, I have to wonder when packing a lunch turned into a badge of social inferiority. The brown bag has been

Morzine! One of Europe's Best Apres Ski destinations

This might sound like an impossible task after a punishing day on the mountain, but the saving grace of après is that it usually releases you from its clinches at around 9pm – plenty of time to shake off the crimes from the night before and still hit first lifts. Whether you’re looking for a few sophisticated Vin Chaudes in a French local or you want to stomp on the rule book and keep the party going ’til 4am, here’s our pick of the best European resorts for après For many, Après has long been a legendary part of a snowboard trip. It normally lures you in around 4pm with a casual jug of beer and before you know it you’re knocking back the Jägers, dancing more enthusiastically than you thought yourself capable of to euro-pop and laughing in the faces of skiers as they attempt to clamber on tables in their silly boots. Read more at

How safe are ski helmets?

More and more people wear helmets and sales shot up after the accident of Michael Schumacher. Questions though are being asked about exactly how much protection they offer. A recent article in the New York Times revealed some disturbing figures. It quoted figures released from the National Ski Areas Association that although the number of people that wear a helmet has tripled in the last decade to 70% there has been no decrease in the number of deaths or brain injuries on the slopes. The paper reports that helmets only really offer protection at low speeds. It pointed out that the behavior of skiers and snowboarders has changed; whether it be greater use of fun parks or more off piste skiing. It also surmised that people wearing a helmet might ski faster or more aggressively as they believe a helmet would protect them in the case of an accident.  Read on..

Fresh calls for ski holidays during term-time

Recent legislation has prevented parents taking children out of school for a holiday. Now a group is reportedly taking the government to the European Court of Human Rights. There was a sharp reduction in the number of families taking a snowsports holiday during term-time last winter. Some parents decided to do it anyway and accept a fine - others didn't, according to family ski operators we have been canvassing. "The new law that see fines and Headteachers refusing leave for holidays has had an undoubted affect," one leading family ski operator said to  PlanetSKI .   Read on...

13 Tips for Skiing with Kids

13 Tips for Skiing with Kids Top kids' instructors share wisdom on making skiing fun for everyone in the family. 13) For lessons, arrive early, preferably the day prior to get rentals if needed, ( or get Doorstep Skis to deliver them :-)) to get tickets in hand and hopefully avoid lines during peak season. It is great to let your children—especially if they are very young (3-6 years)—know where they are going and what will take place throughout the day, to reassure them. 12) Read on...

What Type of Rider Are You?

People say you are what you eat, but what do they know? As any self-respecting snowboarder will tell you, it’s all about what you ride, duuuude. Style is everything. But which style? What board should you buy? What brands should you wear to be cool? These are the really important questions you’ll need to answer. To help you,  Whitelines  has compiled this handy quiz that’ll tell you what kind of rider – nay, what kind of person – you are.  Read on  and all will be revealed...

New chairlifts for Morzine & Avoriaz!

Did you you know that the Portes du Soleil is investing in  two new ski lifts for winter 2014/15 , creating a  better link between Morzine and Avoriaz . Both the Proclou and the Seraussaix chairlifts are being replaced to create faster connections in the Super Morzine area. This is great continuation on from the replacement of the Prodain cable car and then the Pleney bubble lift in the last 2 years. The  Proclou  and  Seraussaix  chairlifts have long been a bottleneck as they receive a lot of traffic from the commute of slope users staying in Morzine but skiing in Avoriaz.  Read on...

Rock On Snowboard Tour's

Once again Avoriaz will be starting the season with the Rock On Snowboard Tour's ultimate stop-over on 12,13 and 14th December. A whole week of snow sports, new gear tests, parties and concerts. Rock On Ultimate Avoriaz - Event, Station de Ski d'Avoriaz, Alpes Rock On Ultimate, Avoriaz - Event : plan your stay skiing in Avoriaz, in the heart of Portes du Soleil Ski Area. Enjoy Skiing in Avoriaz, French Alps.