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The Greenest of the Ski Lifts

 Mountain Rider’s Alliance are always looking for new, clean, and innovative ways of powering our uphill transportation. These lifts from all around the world have set the (T) bar high, plowing a path for the future of skiing. Without further ado, we present the Greenest Ski Lifts in the world: 1. Tenna T-Bar, Switzerland This T-Bar is known as the world’s first to be powered by solar panels, which are placed along the lift. The lift generates over 90,000 kilowatts a year and sends energy back into the grid when it is not being used. READ ON>>>>

10 Horrible Snowboard Inventions

Snowboards have changed a lot since Sherman Poppen first knocked one together for his daughters to mess around on in their garden back in the 60s. Soon after, brands like Burton and Sims rushed to dream up the most innovative snowboards that they could and snowboard design accelerated. The snowboards we see today are the result of over 40 years of gradual improvement – adding new features and leaving behind the ones that didn’t quite work out. Nevertheless, a few rogue inventors have tried to shake things up over the years with some hilarious and/or horrible results. One day, they’ll hopefully clock onto the fact that on the whole, snowboards already work pretty well as they are. Here are ten snowboard inventions that were probably best left on the cutting room floor… Read on

Respect The Mountain

Respect the Mountains is an organisation that creates awareness about mountain areas. Many tourists visit the Alps every year, especially during the winter season. The damages are severe. Respect the Mountains is designed to make people aware of the uniqueness and importance of mountain areas and the simple measures - our 7 Ways to Respect the Mountains - you can take to reduce the negative impact. Let's keep our playground clean! Read more >

A Lesson in Humility

 A lesson in humility, respect for the mountains and listening to your instinct. As told by @ ndreasfransson  -   http://


Take the Easy run to the slopes. Ski train tickets on sake now! Read more..

Morzine skiing: time to take some instruction

Few doubt the value of ski lessons for beginners. But are they worth it for advanced skiers? Clare Mann finds out on a course in Morzine.... read on  

Top 5 facilities now found in luxury ski chalets

Luxury hotels in ski resorts have always come packed with facilities to entertain and pamper their clients.  Now that there are a more and more clients looking for the privacy and flexibility a chalet can provide, the top end lodges are having to up their game to compete but how much more than a Jacuzzi can we now expect? Click to find out..