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Ski Morzine: resort guide

Ski Morzine, France   Complete guide to skiing Morzine for skiers and snowboarders including hotels, chalets, restaurants and piste guide.     Guide to Morzine

SkiTrade Magazine

  . The Ski Trade Magazine is a new publication launching in October 2013. It’s aim is to focus exclusively on the winter snow sports industry providing a resource of industry participants not yet available within the snow sports industry. It will be distributed as a free compliment with InTheSnow Magazine as well as being made available at a number events related to the Winter Sports industry. Read on..

How to Ride a Chairlift with a Stranger

  There’s always two main goals you should have anytime you get on the chairlift with a person/people you don’t know: A) Make them feel incredibly awkward, or B) Make yourself seem like something (hopefully cooler) that you’re not. This is merely a list of options, feel free to stick to the basics, or make mind-bottling hybrids of your own. Lie: This is the go to move whenever you get on the chairlift with someone who looks like they know less about skiing than you. Lie about anything, lie about everything. Tell them that you’re the heir to the outright ownership of Salomon Skis, tell them that you ski professionally, tell them that you hold the world record for longest distance skied backwards, it doesn’t really matter. As long you act confident in what you’re saying, there’s a 95% chance that they’ll believe you. Note: if they look like they actually know something about skiing, you need to craft your lie so that it is at least a shred believable. Check their seaso

Is Freeskiing Killing Snowboarding?

Snowboarding, considered by many to be the saviour of the slopes over the last 20 years, has become so big that a full circle effect has taken place. In some strange ecological, Mother Naturesque way it has helped spawn the craze of freeskiing. Now the two sports live in perfect symbiotic elegance, both using the same terrain in different ways. Can this continue? Will nature’s balance prevail? Or will one fall to the wayside via man’s trend-conscious hand? Read on..

Ski Mountaineering; An Introduction

Why would anyone give up the happy comforts of chairlift-assisted skiing for this gem of an experience? Simple: earning your turns makes them taste better no matter how crap the snow. Skiing becomes a way of interacting with a mountain rather than just using it as a ramp (yeah, I am biased…I own it). And, combining ski touring and mountaineering is like an Italian sub—everything that is awesome in one epic package. Trust me: ditch the day pass and go on a real adventure. (Added bonuses of backcountry skiing: no lift ticket purchase necessary, great looking glutes, fresh tracks forever, sure way of building your network of fellow crazy people). Photo: Mark Houston How to get started: Be honest about your abilities. You should be completely comfortable on black diamonds before heading into the backcountry. Keep in mind: you will be going into terrain that is not under the jurisdiction of any ski patrol and good snow conditions are in no way guaranteed. Avalanche

Grand Couloir

4810 m ; 1400 m, 200 m 50°, 1000 m 45°, pass. 55° ; East ; ED ; 5.4/ E4 Riding a line like the Sentinelle Rouge is not a ski journey; it is a trip into another dimension. First you have to climb to the top of Mont Blanc where you ride on sight over 1000 m of terrain which is technical, steep and exposed to serac falls. A line which drops into what can only be described as the “unknown”. Finally and most importantly you then have to return from one of the nastiest, scariest and remote places on Earth entirely on your own.... read on

Why I Love Ski Movie Trailers

Trailers? Really? Yes, really. I look at skiing as having momentum, this activity that keeps evolving. Some use the word progression, but that sounds too forced. Evolution is slow, crawling speed. Picture, if you will, the idea of a person pushing a boulder up an endless hill. Everyday he gets a little bit higher. That’s sort of how I see skiing. With every year, every tap, pow slash, and impossibly tweaked grab (I’m looking at you, 2010 T.J. Schiller), we get a little further up the hill and little better. Read on...