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UK Ski Travel Industry Returns To Growth

New figures published today by the UK’s largest tour operator, Crystal, show that last season saw a small overall increase in ski holidays taken by Brits, after four successive seasons of decline following the economic crash. The overall ski market increased by 1% last winter. The overall number of skiers increased by 5,000 year on year, increasing the number travelling abroad to 899,700 in 2012/13, the first increase of numbers since the peak in 2007/8. The authors of the 2013 Crystal Ski Industry Report believe that the 2012/13 season finally turned the corner due to fantastic snow across European resorts, a ‘good calendar’ for Christmas and New Year departures, and an early Easter holiday in March. Read on..

Why We Board and Ski

Skiing is more than a sport, it's a way of life. For those who live and dream of living their life in the mountains we hope this hits you hard. Because this is why we ski... click

Barriers Broken: The Mid-Air Pretzel

If you speak aerials then this is called a full in left double out right.  In laymans terms that translates to a leftside 360 backflip to a rightside 720 backflip in the same air. We'll just call it crazy and confusing. Watch-

The Best Resorts for Summer Skiing

Summer skiing is amazing. It can mean a week of this… click

Skiers have best bottoms

A poll claims skiers have the best bums of any professional. MPs have the worst posteriors. Lets hear it for ski bums! 2,000 people were polled and the skiers came above cheerleaders, fitness instructors and ballroom dancers. Snowboarders came 7 th . Read on..