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Turn the Outdoors Into Your Gym

If you are bored with your usual routine at the gym, here are some tips to turn the outdoors into your gym by hiking and biking. Courtesy of 1.You’ll Have More Fun Getting Fit Outdoors. Arlen Hall is a tours director at the Adventure Cycling Association in Missoula, MT. He says “cycling is a great way to get into shape because it can be used as aerobic exercise for a hard workout or a toning tool.” Hall says, “I keep coming back to cycling because of the recreation, scenery and friendships that I have formed over decades. I love the friction of my tires on the roadway, the challenge of the next hill regardless of grade, and the beauty that surrounds me as I exercise. The gym or spin class really just feels like work, not fun.” 2. Beginners: Start Slow Tony Fuentes, an exercise instructor for the city of Austin's wellness program, has 25 years of hiking experience. Fuentes, who also leads backpacking trips for the Sierra Club, says be

A Call Out to Ski Resorts

A Call Out to Ski Resorts to Speak Up On Climate Change Venture capitalist Erik Blachford on what the ski industry should do...... Read on.

Climbing Mont Blanc to be Policed

With the ever-going popularity of climbing the Mont Blanc , the Haute Savoie Prefect have voted unanimously to police both the Gouter Route and the Three Monts Route up to the Mont Blanc from June to September.   Mont Blanc routes to be manned by police credit: In a statement issued by the Haute Savoie Prefect and the Mayor of Saint Gervais, the Gouter (Normal) and the Three Monts route will be manned by a number of gendarmes (police) from June to September. Read on..

Backcountry 101: Who's Responsible?

News of avalanche deaths have cast a somber shadow on the backcountry ski community. With spring powder and unstable snow packs in some areas, safety has, once again, hit mainstream media. And with backcountry travel becoming more popular, thoughts are mixed on educating skiers on the dangers beyond the ropes and gates. Who’s job is it to keep backcountry skiers safe? Skiing caught up with a variety of avy experts to get their take.     Read On..