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The Mountain Moo-vie Experience

As we slide towards the spring, local Morzine magazine Yodel have released the emerging details about the various end of season film competitions here in Morzine. Here's all you need to know about the one they call 'The Mountain Moo-vie Experience' As Yodel told you last week, there are quite a few fund raising events taking place in the next few months in memory of Heidi Beer . Here's one that doesn't involve cycling hundreds of miles! The 'Mountain Moo-vie Experience' or the Valley Annual Film Night is organised by Rab and Paulie. It's basically an opportunity for local people with an interest in film and movie making to enter a short film that stirs the emotions - whether they be scary, sad, excited, angry, funny or odd. The screening of all entries takes place on 4th April 2012 at the gym in St Jean D'Aulps and if you'd like to take part you should register your entry with Rab or Paulie in advance. Here's their contact details: Rab:

Basscamp Festival News and Updates

Check out the speakers...! These bad boys are on their way to Morzine. Imagine how awesome they'll look, standing tall and proud in the centre of the resort? The street party will be literally BANGING. For this and more updates on the up and coming BassCamp Electronic music festival in Morzine then click mo re >>

The Sun's Influence!

With sunny and mild weather forecast for the coming week, it's useful to take into account which aspect of slope to ride on- and when. We came across this rather in depth article which really shows what a marked difference the sun can have on different orientated slopes.... The compass direction a slope faces (i.e. North, South, East, or West.) Slope Aspect with respect to the sun: The direction a slope faces with respect to the sun (aspect) has a profound influence on the snowpack. It often takes several years of experience in avalanche terrain before most people appreciate the imp

Skiing The Portes Du Soleil Circuit

We're a big fan of skiing the tour of the PDS- likewise Yodel magazine in Morzine who put together this details description of the tour..take it away Yodel .. The Portes du Soleil is one of the largest ski areas in the world with over 650km of marked pistes encompassing twelve resorts. It stretches between Mont Blanc and Lake Geneva, which creates a microclimate that is excellent for snowfall. Jean Vuarnet was responsible for developing Avoriaz and then linking it to the surrounding resorts creating the Portes du Soleil ski area. The highest point in the area is 2466m and the lowest is at 1000m and there are more than 200 lifts linking the area, which stretches over 14 valleys. Luckily, for skiers and snowboarders who are keen to explore, most of the Portes du Soleil ski area can be reached in a single circuit. The circuit will take most average skiers and snowboarders a whole day to complete so first lifts are advised! There are two directions the circuit can be skied; clockw


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The Playground Jam

This one's just for the ladies. On 30th March 2012 the La Chapelle park in Avoriaz plays host to The Playground Jam - a girls only slopestyle ski and snowboard competition. Last year the Playground Jam was held under blue skies with a sunshine backdrop. The snow wasn't in the greatest condition but the enthusiasm of the girls involved more than made up for it - local lass Laura Berry set the bar very high from the off. With the amount of snow on the ground this year, the event is sure to be a cracker. And for the first time the event is open to female skiers as well as snowboarders too! The Playground Jam, organised by Gilly Seagrave kicks off at 10am with registration - you can enter in advance here. The event is sponsored by Eka, Vans and Nikita and there are some great prizes to be won. And Gilly is keen to let everyone know... all abilities are welcome so please don't be shy! Yodel and Doorstep Skis will see you there, and we'll see you at the

Climate Change is Impacting Winter Sports

Although we're having a great season so far here in theAlps, the overall trend, and the current season in the states doesn't make for encouraging reading. Here's what Theo Spencer's blog was saying about the current snow fall trends in the states; So far, it hasn’t been a great winter for skiers, snowboarders, snowmobilers and folks who depend on a lot of snow for their recreation and livelihood. Some states—Washington and Alaska—and some ski areas like Taos in New Mexico, and Telluride in southern Colorado, have gotten dumped on. But most resorts across the country are hurting for snow and hurting for dollars as a result. (See my colleague Kelly Henderson’s recent blog post on this topic). Some people have been arguing that this is just a normal fluctuation that comes with El Nino and La Nina weather patterns as well as the position of the jet stream, and that a warming climate has nothing to do with it. You can see evidence of this in the comments in respo


Snoworks instructors 4 x Olympic skier Emma Carrick-Anderson and Course Director Phil Smith test out the latest BBR 8.9 skis from Salomon.

Mountain Etiquette

With the super busy holiday period almost upon us, local Morzine magazine Yodel put together a couple of mountain eitiquette points which should make life on the hill a bit for all of us. Take it away Yodel ... It’s an easy thing to forget that all the skiers and snowboarders on the mountain are at different levels to everyone else and yourself. For this reason it is really important to observe mountain etiquette so that everyone can have a good day on the white stuff. 1. Stick to runs that suit your ability. If you are a learner, do not attempt a black run until you are ready. It will only frustrate the more competent people around you. 2. Don’t push in. Everyone can understand the frustration at waiting in long lines for the lift or ticket office but everyone’s going through the same thing! 3. Respect learners. If there are people who don’t look very comfortable, don’t just go whizzing past them with little space to spare. Always remember how intimidating it can be

Nike 'The Chosen' Series comes to the PDS

We've been waiting for details on this event for ages. Nike 'The Chosen' series competition takes place in Chatel on Saturday 11th February and here's all the details you need to enter... Nike 'The Chosen' series makes 9 stops across Europe this winter and the French stage takes place in Chatel. The Chosen is the opportunity of the year for amateur skiers, snowboarders and film crews to take the spotlight. Nike are looking for teams to push the boundaries of style and the competition gives you the chance to submit showcases of talent and creativity. The Chosen series also gives you the opportunity to ride slopestyle jam sessions with pros while reps from Nike scout out the next unsigned ripped amateurs. The best amateur rider from each of the 9 events goes forward to a final in April. The French round of The Chosen series takes place at the Chatel snowpark on Saturday 11th February from 9am. The Chatel snowpark has been specially shaped for the event. You c