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Four Weeks to Go!

Just in case you’ve been led to believe the season is all over in Europe and more pertinently here in Morzine I’m here with a little post to set that particular record straight. For sure it has not been one of our best snow years, particularly if you are a powder hound but the pistes have been in great condition all year. What snow we have had has stuck around as there has been none or very little rainfall which is the real snow killer. Sunny warm days which we are getting frequently now obviously melt the snow but at a much slower rate. Some of the team managed to score a Saturday morning off today and we went for a little blast on the two slopes that end directly in Morzine – Le Stade and Piste B. Although there may be a little grass surrounding them the pistes themselves are 1-2 meters thick and are offering up some great spring skiing right into the heart of Morzine. What can be better than blasting around on sugary soft snow until around one pm and then heading for a restaurant