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End of Christmas, roll on half term

The season is well and truly under way now, the Christmas period feels like a distant memory and the weekly ski hire output has dropped a touch from the peak holiday period. We are still busy but our international team of ski technicians comprising of a Scotsman, an Englishman (no Irishman) and a few Antipodeans (NZ or Oz? I can’t tell the difference but don’t tell them I said that) are a well drilled team making for an effortless hire experience. Things will ramp up to a peak for the half term period but we’ve got it covered with our most extensive, newest, shinyest hire fleet ever! Weather wise the season has been average, we have had some good dumps of snow and some mint powder days but we have also had some warms spells that have eaten away at the snow. The latest warm spell succeeded last Wednesday’s powder day but the good news is that the temperature is dropping again back to the well below zero daytime temperatures you would expect at this time of year. I’ve just returned fro