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Helmets Reduce Head Injury Risk

Ski Helmets Reduce Head Injury Risk: Canadian Study; Ski helmet use reduces the risk of head injuries and does not increase risk of neck injury, a report in the Canadian Medical Association Journal has found. The report, published Feb 1, 2010 in CMAJ, states helmets reduce risk of head injury by about 35 percent. It also found that adults--but especially children--who wear helmets do not increase their risk of neck injuries. "What we found wa, effectively, that there was a reduction in head injury risk with helmet use but no associated increase in neck injury risk with helmet use, author Brent Hagel of the University of Calgary told The Toronto Star. The report, based on analysis of data that dates as far back as 1991, was initiated in part to "debunk the concern that children, who have a higher head-to-body weith ration than adults, might be more vulnerable to hurting their necs in a fall because the protective headgear made them more top heavy," The Star reports.