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Re-cycling Snow- The Future?

In the little Jura resort of Mijoux, rather than let snow melt they are keeping it in storage over the summer and reusing it in the winter. A report from the French Government says that 250MW/h are used to make snow in France in a season so this could be quite an energy saving. What an idea! Could we see Morzine and Les Gets following suit. Read the full article..

What's the perfect ski for you!

It's a tough question. Your more likely to end up on an unsuitable for your ability ski than a downright bad ski. There's just so many choices and variables when it comes to choosing a ski that it can all seem a bit too much. To give yourself a better idea of the different categories and styles of skis available, have a look at the Ski Finder on Ski It's not a definitive search but it'll certainly give you an idea.

Portes-du-Soleil signs deal with ecologists!

After a five year battle the Swiss side of the Portes du Soleil have signed a deal with ecologists. The ski area intends to invest CHF 100 million to 2024. The deal will see pistes removed, an upgrade of ski lifts, more snow making and protection for wetlands. Great to see the area taking pro-active measures and here's hoping more and more businesses and resorts ( come on Morzine ) get their heads into the big environmental question.

Ski holidays in short supply for next winter

There have been a few reports in the UK press over the summer months about a supposed decrease in the number of ski holidays available. It's true that some large tour operators, such as Crystal, have cut back on the number of catered chalets they are offering for 2009-10. Last winter's weak pound against the euro meant that many ski holiday companies, whose revenue is in sterling and expenses in euros, were caught with too many beds to sell and rising costs. Naturally they have adopted a more cautious approach for this winter. Read on..

Are Skiers and Snowboarders Prone to Head Injury?

There is growing evidence that the risk of head injury and of loss of consciousness increases when a person is not wearing a helmet and falls while skiing or snowboarding, according to a new report published in the fall 2009 issue of Wilderness and Environmental Medicine. Traumatic brain injury accounts for 50% to 88% of skiing and snowboarding fatalities. There is evidence that helmet use prevents mild to moderate injury. Read the whole report .