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Après Ski Yoga

Tips for preparing for the forth-coming season! Hit the mat instead of the bar to help your body recover after a day on the hill. Jenny Wiegand Skiing with good form can be a catch-22. When you engage all the muscles you should be to turn your skis and absorb terrain, you ski more efficiently and more powerfully—but you’re almost guaranteed to be tight and sore at the end of the day. One area in particular takes a beating while skiing: your hip flexors. The muscles around the hip responsible for moving your legs can become tight from skiing in an athletic stance all day, limiting your range of motion in the hip joint. One of the best ways to treat these tight hip muscles: Yoga. “A lot of skiers have no idea how much yoga can impact their skiing, from increasing performance to preventing injuries,” says Ashley Battersby , a U.S. Ski Team veteran turned yoga instructor. If you struggle with tight hips, Battersby recommends hitting the mat and giving these yoga poses designed to release t