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How to be skier!

If you didn't know how, then here's the quintessential guide to being a skier!

Morzine Night Out Guide

4-Pit Stop Guide to a Night-Out in Morzine Are you coming to stay in Morzine this winter?? Need to know the top spots for your nights out in town?? After  The Tasty Ski Company  own extensive research they have choreographed the perfect formula for your evenings in Morzine..   Read on... n Morzine.:

A one off chance to Ski In Colour!

Ski Colour- A Worlds First in Les Gets Skicolor , a unique, colorful concept that combines skiing & having fun. Based on the US event THE COLOR RUN, for the first time ever, participants will ski down a specially prepared run on the Mont-Chery side of the Les Gets resort. In a unique setting facing Mont Blanc, skiers will be literally immersed in explosions of color for an unforgettable experience, a World First in Les Gets ! How does it works?

Gear tips

Think you love gear? You’ve got nothing on Professor Martino Colonna who spends his time helping develop all the best  goodies for Dalbello, Marker, Level gloves and many more. Here's some great tips from the man himself! Read on..

Skiing With Dad

How to adjust when your parents slow down by:  Heather Hansman     My father is in town for 48 hours. For his one evening, I convinced him to go night skiing. We drove up Snoqualmie Pass in a downpour and crossed our fingers the temperatures would drop. He changed into his ski gear in the car, and we headed out into the just-below-freezing snain as the lights came on. When my dad first helped me latch my hands around the rope tow, I don’t think he knew how deeply skiing would take root for me. In college, he bought me a telemark setup and, in the dark before my first tour, he helped me cut my skins—wobbly edged and uneven—under the dome light of his car. When I moved to the mountains to submerse myself fulltime in the uphill-downhill world of skiing, my dad would plan work meetings in Denver around storms and drive up I-70 to crash on my couch like one of my low-budget friends. He’d take my roommates out to dinner to alleviate the weirdness of couch dad. There was a point,

What Happened to the Dirtbag Skier?

Gore-Tex or tweed, does it matter in the end? PHOTO: Matt Small This story is supposed to start with “I remember,” so I’ll just start with that. I remember when we used to wear garbage bags to ski in the rain. I remember when CB Sports made the most waterproof winter jackets on the planet and they weren’t even close to waterproof. I remember skiing in boots way too big and skis too small. And it wasn’t just me. Most everyone on the slope around me had a duct tape patch somewhere on their outfit. Back then, being uncomfortable was an integral part of skiing. It was something that folks on the hill were proud of: black-and-blue shins, frostbit fingertips, soaking wet clothes. It added to the adventure and the subtle insanity of flying downhill on slippery pieces of wood. (That’s what we do, by the way.) In the current age of altimeter watches, wifi on chairlifts, and apps that tell you if you are skiing or sitting at the bar, some of the adventure of the sport has been lost. Or

What Type of Rider Are You?

People say you are what you eat, but what do they know? As any self-respecting snowboarder will tell you, it’s all about what you ride, duuuude. Style is everything. But which style? What board should you buy? What brands should you wear to be cool? These are the really important questions you’ll need to answer. To help you,  Whitelines  has compiled this handy quiz that’ll tell you what kind of rider – nay, what kind of person – you are.  Read on  and all will be revealed...

Lift Pass Prices – Winter 2015