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The Wall- one of the world best runs!

Whether it's for their terrifying steepness, monstrous moguls, serene beauty or leg-burning length, some resorts have one run that stands out from the rest. Here are 10 of the finest, of which one of them is the famous Swiss Wall, part of the Morzine Avoriaz ski area and a firm favorite with staff skiers at Doorstep Skis , Morzine. ... read on

Hiring v Buying

Should you Hire or Buy your Snowboard Gear? by  Rachel Verity While skiers can rest assured that their rental planks have been built this side of the millennium, snowboard rental gear tends to be a little more hit and miss. (Well generally, but here at Doorstep Skis , Morzine, we can offer snowboarders the latest Burton snowboards- everything from traditional cambers through to the latest trick Rockers!) But while it might be fair play for a seasoned rider to scoff at the offering of a battered old Burton Cruzer, what about rookies who are yet to stumble down their first green run? Is it that important that they deck themselves out in the latest and greatest? Probably not. If you’re prepping for your first snowboard trip and debating whether to splash out on your own gear or head to the hire shop, here are a few thoughts to help you weigh up the pros and cons. READ ON...

Lift Pass Prices Compared

Lift Pass Prices Compared… It’s at this point each year that we like to congratulate ourselves for living in such an amazing valley. Not only do we have the joys of Morzine, Les Gets and Avoriaz to look forward to this winter, we also feel a bit smug about living at the heart of Europe’s BEST VALUE ski area. Source Magazine has compared the prices of six day adult lift passes in Europe’s six largest linked ski areas. Dividing the price by the number of kilometres in each demonstrates that the Portes du Soleil is the best value lift pass you can buy. On top of that you'll find some of the best ski hire prices in the Alps. Check out Doorstep Skis, Morzine , for great ski hire rates! It costs you just €0.36 per kilometre to ski in the Portes du Soleil! See the comparison below and share it… Ski Area Size 6 Day Adult Pass Price Per KM Portes du Soleil 650km €237.50 €0.36 Three Valleys 600km €277.00 €0.46 Paradiski 425km €277.00 €0.65 Es

Morzine, France- top spots to ride park!

Whitelines mag rated Morzine, Avoriaz 2nd overall for top spots to ride park!  Here at Doorstep Skis we couldn't agree more! Heres what they say..  Morzine-Avoriaz scores highly for freestyle. Morzine’s park is average and bettered by the offering from neighbouring (and connected) Les Gets. However, riders need look no further than Avoriaz for the real freestyle deal. With two strong parks, a great halfpipe and the wood-themed Burton Stash, Avoriaz is properly switched on for freestyle. There’s even a small park for beginners. The most popular spot is the Chapelle park. Serviced by a dedicated drag, it’s designed for everyone from beginners through to strong freestylers, with three kicker lines and plenty of jibs. It has a vibrant scene, reflecting the work that the shapers put in: music playing, well groomed hits, daily re-shapes, and fresh design. Avoriaz’s trump card is perhaps The Stash – one of only two in Europe. Originally built for advanced riders, they’ve s

K2’s leader talks ski prices + buying mistakes

K2’s leader talks ski prices, buying mistakes, and the future of skiing. And here at Doorstep Skis , Morzine we can concur that we hear these very opinions everyday of the season! What’s the most common mistake consumers make when buying skis? I don’t know if it’s is the most common mistake, but concerning skis, I think too many people buy their gear from the standpoint of the snow conditions they would like to imagine they will be skiing rather than the reality of where they go up and down the hill on a regular basis. From my standpoint, the most common mistake is buying a waist width that is more aspirational than realistic given the conditions you normally ski. I rediscovered narrower waist widths this past season on a trip to Sun Valley. The place was groomed to perfection but the snow was hard after 6+ weeks without new snow. Knowing the conditions, I brought a pair of K2 Amp Bolts, which have a 72mm waist, and I had three amazing days

Will this be the best THE BEST SEASON EVER?

Key points about this news item Will this be the best THE BEST SEASON EVER? Description: This week social networks have been buzzing with the news that there is snow forecast in the Alps for the end of the week.  Morzine, Avoriaz and the rest of the Portes du Soleil are no exception to this either.  There is over 10 cm of snow forecast for the tops of the mountains on Thursday and Friday with the snow level due to drop as low as 1100 m.  We are obviously all getting excited now about the winter season which is nearly upon us.  Of course everyone is wondering if the 13/14 ski season is going to bring the unbelievable snowfalls of the last two winters in the Portes du Soleil. Will this be the best THE BEST SEASON EVER? Well everyone here at Doorstep Skis Guide2Morzine had a look back over the previous seasons to see how this one was shaping up. The weather so far certainly seems to be following a similar pattern to last autumn here in Morzine.  In 2012

Snowmaking Will Not Save Us

Snowmaking Will Not Save Us Why it isn't the answer to decreasing snowfall by: Jakob Schiller @ Powdermag Fall’s the time when ski resorts start to fire up their snowmaking guns. But manmade snow is not the answer to a diminishing snowpack. PHOTO: Justin Cash T he first time I went to my local ski area last year—Sipapu Ski and Summer Resort in northern New Mexico—there was one run open and almost all the snow was manmade. To any bird flying over it must have been quite a scene: a mostly brown hill with a thin, continuous patch of white running from top to bottom.         But there I was, READ ON...

That Brilliant Moment!

There's not much skiing in this Mountain Hardwear spot, but the stunning mountains and atmosphere of this vid just makes you want to get out into the hills and do something!. The spot stars James Heim and Michelle Parker who hold it down for skiers among the other mountain enthusiasts.