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Has Snowboarding Lost Its Edge?

Has Snowboarding Lost Its Edge? LATE last summer when Shaun White, the two-time Olympic gold medal snowboarder and X-Games superstar, was charged with public intoxication and vandalism, he became at age 26 an accidental metaphor for his sport: a young phenom all grown up, and in a spot of trouble. Shaun White, Olympian and X-Games star, personified the buzz of snowboarding. After exploding onto the scene about two decades ago, snowboarding is now sputtering in the United States, according to a recent study by RRC Associates, which tracks trends that affect the winter-resort industry. “Today, there is every indication that the growth in snowboarding we took for granted has stalled, and visitation from snowboarding is headed toward a path of substantial decline,” Nate Fristoe, RRC Associates’ director of operations, wrote in the National Ski Areas Association Journal. For several months now, Mr. Fris

K2 Sports adds Backcountry Access

K2 Sports adds Backcountry Access (BCA) to its roster of snowsports brands January 7th, 2013 by Snowboard Magazine SEATTTLE, Wash., (Jan 7, 2013) – Complementing its industry-leading roster of 14 outdoor recreational equipment brands, K2 Sports this month closed the acquisition of Backcountry Access (BCA), a pioneering designer, manufacturer, and champion of backcountry snow-safety equipment and education. The move reinforces K2 Sports’ position as a global leader in year-round outdoor recreation. With the acquisition of BCA, K2 Sports will be able to reach a wider spectrum of wintersports enthusiasts; from in-area and out-of-bounds, to mechanized and human-powered recreation.   Read on

Tips and Tricks to Shooting Action Photos

Shooting Essentials When shooting in the field what are your essential pieces of equipment–besides a camera and lenses? Professional photographer and WME local, Tony Wilhelms, offers advice for snapping that perfect shot. Read on..

Ski Clothing

What to wear on a ski holiday? It’s a question we’re asked all the time at Welove2ski – and not just by beginners . Browse the retail websites, such as , and you’ll find a bewildering array of ski clothing on offer – all of it bursting with technical features. Down-filled puffer jackets, lightweight wicking fabrics, layering systems, venting zips, wrist gaiters, powder skirts – the permutations seem endless; and the implication is that you’ll need an outfit stuffed with them if you’re going to stay warm on the slopes. Add ski fashion into the equation – which changes the cut, texture and colour of ski outfits every two or three years – and it’s no wonder people get confused. So we’re going to make things very simple. To introduce our ski clothing section we’ve put together a quick-firing guide to what matters – and what doesn’t – on the mountain.   Read on...

How to Ski Tutorials

Lots of people like the idea of going skiing but are put off by the business of learning how to ski . They think it involves falling over until you’re bruised black and blue – and the fear of making an absolute fool of yourself is the biggest turn-off. Well, a sense of self-humour certainly helps, but the rest just isn’t true. Advances in equipment have taken the sting out of the whole learning process and progress is rapid. If you’re moderately fit and have a bearable sense of balance you can be skiing the whole mountain on easy runs within just a few days. But the quality of the first lessons is vitally important. Nothing is more off-putting than an overcrowded ski class, where the instructor is unable to remember their pupils’ names and may not notice when the last link in the 12-person snake comes a cropper. Read on

What's New in Morzine for Winter 2013?

A new cable car, faster lifts, safe sledging and a waterpark just up the hill. The guys over at Morznet put together a full report of all new developments happening in and around Morzine this winter.. read on The old Prodain bubble credit: Click on image to view full size

New Journey Planner Helps Skiers Make Tracks

Image launches new journey planner aimed at helping travellers get their snow-fix on the train By Ben Clatworthy 12 November 2012 Snowcarbon ( ), the website specialising in train travel to the Alps, has just launched a new journey planner which is set to revolutionise the way skiers and boarders plan travel journeys to winter destinations. The planner shows recommended train travel itineraries further in advance and more easily than anywhere else online. Read on..