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Snowtastic Season Start Sends Sales Skywards

It’s still early days for winter 2012-13 but travel agents and tour operators are reporting a promising start to the season with good early season sales, driven in part by the healthy autumn snowfalls.  READ ON

Long Live the Dream

How skiing can persevere in the face of tragedy; by Griffin Post @ Freeskier Staring down the short Alaska face, John and I made small talk about our lines, our season, and the lives we lead as competitors on the Freeskiing World Tour. They weren’t glamorous lives, mostly spent saving a buck or two by over-packing condos or clipping lift tickets, but our friendship had been nurtured through this life and brought us to where we were that day: standing atop a beautiful, semi-exposed venue with features that varied from rock and ice, to powder and wind lips. John was running a handful of competitors before me and since we had decided to ski similar lines I lingered on the ridge to watch his run and to pick up any hints I could about snow quality. For reasons unknown, somewhere between when we wished each other well and when John left the gate, he changed his mind about his line. He pushed out of the gate and let out a small “whoop!” as he breezed by me and the entra

K2 Introduces First Ski Boot Since the ’70s

Seattle– (Winter 2013/14) – Since 1962, industry-leading ski manufacturer, K2 Skis, has been committed to developing high quality products to meet the diverse needs of all-mountain skiers. Building from the ground up and applying the brand’s legacy and dedication from over five decades of skiing experience, K2 Skis is proud to unveil a brand new ski boot collection, specifically designed for optimal all-mountain and freeride performance. The new eight-SKU ski boot collection, developed to complement K2’s All-Mountain and Freeride ski lines, is subdivided into two collections: an All-Mountain line, specifically designed for men and women respectively, and a Freeride offering for men. All-Mountain Performance Boots: K2 has taken a.... READ ON

The business of the backcountry

Backcountry gear sales continue to rise, but who's educating consumers? T he winter of 2011-12 was, by most accounts, a poor one for the snow sports industry. Dismal snowfalls combined with a hurting economy to push U.S. retail sales down 12 percent in units and 4 percent in dollars compared to 2010-11. But one category bucked the trend: backcountry-specific equipment. From splitboards to alpine touring gear to beacons, sales were up. New-to-North America, avalanche airbags would not stay on the shelves . Backcountry-focused brands like Dynafit, Spark R & D, Voile and Backcountry Access all reported double-digit growth, even with sales leveling off from an explosive growth spurt witnessed over the past half-decade. The problem with introducing more people to backcountry travel? Increased traffic means an increasing likelihood of avalanche accidents. And as the snow-sports industry revels in huge opportunities for growth in the backcountry market, the lines between

Snow Clothes - What to look for...

Our pal's over in Morzine mag Yodel  thought you might like some handy tips on what to look out for and what to avoid. Nice work guys! Jackets   They should be waterproof, breathable and windproof; ensure that the inside layers are also designed to absorb water and the seams should be sealed with tape. Adjustable cuffs are a great idea, they’re just more comfortable and adapt to whichever gloves you choose. Snow skirts are an essential for keeping the snow out should you fall. Down and feather ski jackets also offer one of the most comfortable options in the mountains. Ski Pants Read on...

Winter Driving Tips

Yodel mag in Morzine, recently asked Ian McKeller, an advanced driver trainer registered with the Driving Standards Agency in the UK for his tips on staying safe on the mountain roads this winter. Ian runs skid prevention courses in the UK and in Morzine so we asked him - how does a skid happen? 'A vehicle skids when one or more of the tyres loses normal grip on the road, causing involuntary movement of the vehicle. This happens when the grip of the tyres on the road becomes less than the force or forces acting on the vehicle. A two-wheel drive vehicle with winter tyres will outperform a 4x4 with normal tyres. Snowchains are essential as the local police may insist you fit them before ascending to Les Gets, Morzine and Avoriaz. Know how to fit them. You're at risk of skidding on snow, ice and heavy rain while driving in the Alps in the winter. But remember - wet mud, damp leaves & oil cause sudden slippery patches too. Look out for cold spots in shaded areas s

What to look for in a ski helmet

How to Buy: Know what to look for in a good ski helmet Courtesy of Freeskier Along with the progression of our sport has come an evolution in helmet technology and design. What used to be a bulky and ugly piece of equipment has become a streamlined piece of technology that could one day save your life. Here are some things to keep in mind while you shop for a new lid. Be sure to read our 2012/2013 helmet reviews here . Shells and Liners Expanded polystyrene, or EPS, is the rigid foam that is used to create the inner lining of most helmets. The liner’s job is to absorb the impact to the head by temporarily deforming or breaking apart upon impact. The frosting on this EPS cake is a protective shell, usually manufactured in one of two ways. In-mold construction is the process by which a polycarbonate outer shell is bonded to the EPS as the foam liner is formed and results in a lightweight, single-piece design. This thinner outer shell is around one millimeter thick and will def

From Piste to Terrain Park

                                                                                                                                                                                              How to Get From Piste to Terrain Park Freestyle skiing looks amazing, and will give you one of the biggest buzzes you’ll ever feel on the snow. But how on earth do you make the transition from scooting about on-piste to launching yourself off the jumps and walls of a terrain park?   Welove2ski help explain how to prepare for your first jump. Read on...